Municipal Waste Reduction Tracking with Careit


Consolidate geographic-area data tracking

Simple user interface

Available on iOS and Android

Detailed record keeping for SB 1383

Educational workshops and training

Easy CA policy compliance

SB 1383 Edible Food Tracking Software

Food waste reduction is gaining in popularity and policy across the world. Careit is not only ready to use across America, it’s the easiest means to create big change through localized efforts. We’ve created this tool for governments to easily track food donation data across geography-specific areas. This tool meets the specific requirements for California’s new SB 1383 policy.

To get started, contact Careit to create an executive municipal account. We will set up your account parameters with your personalized access list of approved accounts or your specific geographic area.

We can even help recruit and train your local businesses and nonprofits on how to donate food through the Careit app. With the app, individual businesses and institutions can post surplus edible food and other necessary items like diapers, toiletries, and clothing. They’re protected from liability by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act when they donate in good faith that the food is safe to eat. Nonprofits rescue the food or items that they need and arrange transportation with their staff and volunteers.  Then all of the donation details are recorded in the app for easy data compilation.

Careit makes it simple to take resources and get them safely to the community that needs them.

Donating and rescuing food on the Careit app is completely free for every business and nonprofit registered in the US!  We can also help with more than that.  We know how important it is to train individual behavior and create social change.  That’s why we offer in-person and virtual workshops to train new users on how to safely donate food and use the Careit app to make it easy.

We’re working to create the ultimate tool to help municipalities across the country track and rescue more food.  Let us know how we can improve our service!

Contact us to bring Careit to your community.